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The Brazilian guide to sustainable city living

Eurest | Corporate Responsibility |  22 September 2015


When you think of the most eco-friendly cities on Earth, what comes to mind? Copenhagen and its carbon neutral plans? Or Amsterdam with its army of cyclists? At the moment though, one South American city leads the way with the most green space per person in the entire world.

The environmental friend zone
In south Brazil, Curitiba (pronounced ‘curi-chee-ba’) offers a model for environmentally friendly living. The people there have promoted an eco-friendly attitude for decades, doing all they can to make their city the most sustainable in the country.

Life in the fast (bus) lane
Public transport plays a large part in this success. The roads dedicated to buses are more like train lines, giving commuters the chance to cut through traffic. This means that people use buses for around four-fifths of journeys every day, rather than getting into their cars. With fewer vehicles on the road, Curitiba can cut its emissions along with its carbon footprint.

Green space to spare
The city deals with flooding differently too. This is because its green spaces have more ecological value than simply giving people a place to enjoy the great outdoors. While many cities with a large river would use large concrete structures to prevent the overflow of water, Curitiba’s parks double up as floodplains — protecting the natural course of the river Iguacu.

A rewarding way to recycle
Curitiba’s dedication to recycling also makes it a greener place to live. With rewards like food, schoolbooks and bus tickets, the city encourages its residents to tackle the waste and turn its garbage into a useful resource.

The city’s approach to urban life differs from others, where space for cars and buildings is the priority. However, using innovative methods to promote sustainability, Curitiba has become more prosperous than many of its neighbours and an important example to the rest of the world.

Change for the better
Sustainability is about making every little (or big) change we can to improve the world we live in. Whether those changes come from the responsible sourcing of ingredients or (like Curitiba) a better focus on recycling, at Eurest we do all we can to make sure we offer great food that promotes a positive approach to the environment.

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