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The cheesy controversy

Eurest | Understanding you |  13 May 2014


So, your meal begins with a starter, and then you move onto the main course, followed by a dessert and then the cheese board, right? Well, Mary Berry has turned this concept upside-down after suggesting that, traditionally, we’re supposed to have the cheese first and then the dessert. It’s said that cheese before our pudding is a tradition that stems from Victorian eating habits, whereas, cheese afterwards is a custom adopted from Europe.

It’s not an opinion shared by everyone; how hard would it be hard to shake the habit after so long? Maybe it’s just another one of those debates that’ll never be resolved, just like the way we pronounce ‘scone’, or whether we make a cup of tea with milk in first, or last. 

The fact of the matter is that everyone has their own way of doing things, and we no longer live in an age where being seen to ‘do the right thing’ governs everything we do. We believe that the differences between people’s tastes and preferences should be celebrated — and that we should preserve the freedom to be an individual. Diversity is what’s so wonderful about food (and people) and it’s something we embrace.

At Eurest, we think it’s all about being flexible; it doesn’t matter if you want something traditional, or if you want to start something new. We work closely with you and put ourselves in your shoes, to make sure that we genuinely understand exactly what you want. It doesn’t matter if you have cheese before or after your dessert, as long as we understand your core values, your individual wants and needs, we’ll do everything in our power to make them happen.

So, cheese before or after?

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