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The dining room demise

Eurest | Understanding you |  07 November 2013

Dining room demise

Remember family Christmases sat around the dining table with Grandma plonked on the garden chair and Dad sat on the kitchen stool? It was always a jolly time of year, but after the festive period the dining room was often abandoned until next year, occasionally getting a dust-down for a Sunday roast or when hosting friends.

With open-plan designs becoming more popular, many people have taken to the hammer, with “one in three homes now [featuring] a kitchen-diner”. It’s not surprising really — there are an abundance of renovation programmes on TV which encourage open-plan living and an increasing focus on convenience and sociability (The Telegraph, 2012).  

So why have we moved into the kitchen and out of the dining room? It may be because we like the social aspect; talking to our chef and other hosts while the cooking is taking place. It could also be because we prefer to be more involved in the food-making process; to be able to see what is being cooked for us. 

However, some experts in the field of construction and interior design believe that the dining room hasn’t necessarily reached its demise, but rather it has adapted, with most larger kitchens encompassing a “dining area” (, 2013). From this perspective, mealtimes retain the same sense of occasion but feel less formal than when eaten in the traditional layout.

Whichever environment you prefer to eat in, it’s important for us to understand what you are trying to achieve from your dining space so that our ideas meet your expectations. Eurest may be known for exceptional foodservice, but with collaborative partners in various disciplines we can suggest creative dining layouts as well as contemporary food solutions.

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