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The five worst pet peeves found in every workplace

Eurest | Understanding you |  23 February 2017

A stack of post it notes.

Workplace morale is a tricky thing to maintain. Here are the five things guaranteed to stop even the most productive office in its tracks.

With a workplace full of employees working hard in close proximity (and sometimes being a little stressed), it’s often easy to rub people up the wrong way. And it only takes the smallest of things to set off a full-blown office feud.

Your office could be ready to kick off

To keep your people working productively, you need to create an environment that keeps everyone focused on the job (and not how loudly their colleagues type). This means maintaining smooth working relationships within your teams — and helping everyone avoid the pet peeves that set people on edge.

So, to foster harmony in your office, here are the top five things you should look out for:

1. Dirty mugs

A hot drink can take the edge off a stressful day. But not if you grab a mug from the cupboard and find dried coffee stuck to the bottom because someone didn’t bother to wash up after themselves.

2. Speakerphone conversations

Talking loudly is annoying, but this takes it one step further. It’s hard to maintain your concentration and get the job done when the person across from you insists on using speakerphone on every call.

3. Fish in the microwave

Smelly food in general should be a no-no in the office (at least not at people’s desks, anyway). Try focusing on a dense spreadsheet when there’s a fishy smell wafting your way.

4. Reply all

Who doesn’t love being part of a long, drawn-out conversation that often only really involves three people (and is only funny to them)? Everyone, it turns out.

5. Passive-aggressive notes

This is an office classic — most often found on items in the shared workplace fridge. But then again, the one thing that’s more annoying than a note saying ‘don’t steal me’ is that colleague who pinched the food in the first place.

How to keep your teams happy

There are far too many office pet peeves to list here. But even these examples show just how easy it can be to knock your people off their stride. And this can have a serious negative impact on their productivity.

While we can’t solve everyone’s minor grumbles, we do have a way to improve the mood in your workplace and keep people working effectively.

Food is vital to your people’s happiness and wellbeing. That’s why our workplace restaurants offer them a wide range of delicious and nutritious meal choices. Oh, and it gives them the chance to relax away from their desks, too — sitting down to eat with their colleagues and bringing teams closer together.

Get in touch to discover more about how to build productive teams who work well together.

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