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The green and simple things…

Eurest | Corporate Responsibility |  21 August 2014


The high street is chock-full of shops that specialise in selling ethically sourced and repurposed products. We see reused materials made into everyday objects in all sorts of establishments — coasters and table mats made of newspaper, tables made from driftwood and windows made of bottles are just a few of the things in vogue right now. 

But it’s not just a passing trend — as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention and, all around the world, people are pushing themselves to find new ways to use old things.

New London restaurant T.E.D (Think. Eat. Drink) has taken inspiration from the up-cyclers of the world and is focused on sourcing everything, from food to furniture, ethically. Offering freshly-baked treats alongside three meals a day, and four at the weekend, the menu is exciting and the refreshments diverse.

As you take in the culinary variety on offer, you can feast your eyes on an inventive and feel-good venue. With salvaged and up-cycled furniture and décor as well as repurposed stained glass windows, it’s a forward-thinking and responsible way to enjoy the good things in life.

When it comes to food, we share the same focus. We understand how important it is to be resourceful in every area of what we do. We make it our mission to reduce food miles, manage waste, and conserve energy to lower our environmental impact. That’s why we continue to work hard to make our logistics greener and keep the health and wellbeing of our people, and yours, at the centre of our business.

Hannah Thompson. (2014). Ethical and eco-friendly restaurant T.E.D to open in King’s Cross. Available: Last accessed 18 July 2014.

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