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The joy of the BBQ

Eurest | Health and wellbeing |  19 July 2016

BBQ Burger

It's the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas — the BBQ season.

Here in the UK, at the first sniff of the sun we turn our back on the kitchen and start planning a summer of cooking al fresco. We dig out our favourite recipes, rummage for the tongs at the back of the utensils’ drawer and rush to pencil in dates with friends. As a nation — if not a species — we love to BBQ.

Bring on the BBQ bonanza

Maybe our passion for cooking outdoors comes from a biological drive to make the most of the brief windows of sunshine that make up a typical British summer. Or perhaps we welcome a BBQ as an opportunity to enjoy eating in a simple, hands-on way — free from the obligations of etiquette and with a lot less washing up.

We believe, however, that a BBQ taps into our fundamental love of socialising, and that coming together round the flames to cook and share food reinforces a sense of kinship we all value. BBQ-ing brings the sociability of sharing a meal to a whole new level by putting cooking the meal at the heart of the gathering.

Get fired up about being social

The great news is that socialising is good for you — both inside and outside the work environment — so encouraging your people to socialise brings real positives for your business.

Here’s the science bit.

First up, social interaction in the workplace — even chatting about the footie or how much people enjoy cake — increases productivity. In fact, productivity goes up in-line with the number of social interactions people have. Plus, socialising at work improves your employees’ moods and emotions — which has a knock-on effect on job performance, decision-making, creativity, teamwork and leadership.

And there are health benefits, too. A working environment that offers plenty of opportunities for employees to socialise and form supportive friendship networks, creates a healthier workforce.

BBQ benefits at work

Break times are ideal for building strong social connections at work — but only if your people stay together in the building. Having a Eurest restaurant in your workplace is a ready-made social hub. Like a BBQ, it’s a relaxed and welcoming space dedicated to getting people together to chat and bond over a meal.

If you’d like to talk about how a Eurest restaurant can boost employee health, wellbeing and productivity in your business, then give us a shout. And if you’d like to find out more about how to hold the best of BBQs, check out our infographic.

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