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The mamas and the pappers...

Eurest | Being safe |  19 March 2015


Straighten your hat Nanny, and hold on tight.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised in this increasingly celebrity obsessed world that the curriculum for nannies trained at Norland, the most prestigious of childcare academies, now includes modules on running away from the paparazzi.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You open the front door to take the little one for a trundle round the park — and stand there blinking as cameras flash and reporters hurl questions at you. What do we do?

Today’s Norland Nannies are coached by the man who normally trains bodyguards; the course includes racing round the skid pans of Castle Combe and Tae Kwon Do. The instructor describes the nanny courses as “tough and realistic”, adding, “If we put all the pressure on them and they can still pull the car out of a situation quickly and efficiently, it's been a good reward. And we know when they go out there and that happens, they've got the best chance possible of keeping safe.”

It’s easy to dismiss Norland as being overzealous until you imagine the reaction if a nanny handled a situation badly and a child got hurt.

The reality is, in most things, there’s always more you can do to prepare for the worst.

It’s a bit like our approach to health and safety. We go beyond what has to be done to comply with legislation. For us it’s about continuous review and contingency planning; trying to foresee what could happen and taking steps to cope in the best possible way. We’re proud that our record in health and safety is second to none — and we’ll continue to try to figure out ways to do it better.

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