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The perfect Easter feast

Eurest | Great food |  24 March 2016


The tantalising aroma of roasted riches draws us all to the table, a multi-generational mass of chatter and laughter. Squeezing into place on an odd assortment of chairs — the youngest always gets the stool — elbows tight against one another, we’re ready for the feast to begin.

The food itself: a centrepiece of tender lamb surrounded by fresh, seasonal spring vegetables and the jewel glow of homemade mint sauce next to the crispiest roast potatoes. Only once plates are full does the conversation fade, as we concentrate on digging in…

That’s the Easter of many a childhood. After all the egg hunts and indulgence, the point of the day was getting together with friends and family. Sharing a delicious meal and celebrating the renewal of relationships: new growth, new beginnings, new opportunities.

We’ve asked our chefs to give us their top tips for Easter roast success — making things as easy as possible for you:

Choosing your cut
Some lamb cuts are tenderer than others. Shanks and neck are the only cuts that you’ll need to cook with moist heat methods, while the shoulder cuts are particularly excellent when given a traditional roast.

Timing it to perfection
When working out your timings for your big lunch, don’t forget to add in resting time for the meat: loosely cover it with foil for 10 to 30 minutes after taking it out of the oven. Cooking will continue during the resting period, and it ensures you lose less of the juices and allows the meat to become firmer — making carving much easier.

Oiling the way
When it comes to your potatoes, think about what you’re cooking them in. Olive oil does the trick nicely, though there are also loads of alternatives out there. Try rapeseed oil. It has a very high smoke point, so you can really give those potatoes an extra layer of taste. Then, for a guaranteed crunch, put your oil into a roasting dish and pop it in the oven at a high heat until sizzling hot.

Select your spud
King Edwards are a solid choice of potato in terms of variety. This is because they’re a medium starch potato, so hold their shape when cooking. Maris Pipers are also known for being a good all-rounder, and why not try the blue-skinned Arran Victory for a really floury, gorgeous roastie. 

Gathering your friends and family around the table is an important part of life — whether that happens on a daily basis, weekly or just for special occasions — and we strive to create that atmosphere in our restaurants all year round. We’re also always on the lookout for opportunities to share our expertise with you so that we can all enjoy a perfect feast.

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