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The proof’s in the pudding

Eurest | Great food |  17 August 2017


An ageing lecture theatre packed full of people wearing cow and chicken masks, arguing loudly, might sound like a strange sequence from a work of fiction. Actually, it was a recent scene at the Oxford Union where a number of passionate people came together to debate whether it’s ever acceptable to eat Yorkshire puddings with chicken.

This classic side dish dates back to 1737, when a recipe for 'a dripping pudding' was published in a cookbook. These days, it’s a staple of the British Sunday lunch, and many feel that it is the perfect accompaniment to roast beef, whereas roast chicken must be enjoyed without one.

Time has moved on and the Sunday lunch is often served in pubs — the question has arisen as to whether Yorkshire puddings should still be exclusive to beef, or should be enjoyed by anyone. That’s why the Oxford Union — the world famous debating society at Oxford University — decided to do its first ever foodie discussion to find out how people felt.

Passions ran high during the hour-long discussion, with some asserting it was now 'socially acceptable' to pair chicken with pudding, while others argued British traditions need to be ‘treasured, upheld and preserved’. But, with no vote cast at the end of the debate, it seems the argument is set to continue for years to come.

At Eurest, we always take into account the views of our customers, to make sure what you’re getting is consistent with your expectations. And, while we’re passionate about preserving traditional fare and the valuable heritage of the nation’s cuisine, we’re always pushing to provide new, interesting combinations — maybe even a Yorkshire pudding with your roast chicken.

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