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The PSYchology of consistency

Eurest | Consistency |  28 November 2012


It’s everywhere — YouTube, in jokes, even party political conferences — everyone’s doing it gangnam style; from Eton boys to serving soldiers, jockey-based dance moves are sweeping the globe.

Yes, it’s a fad, but what does gangnam have that’s led to such a level of world domination?

Consistency, perhaps? After all, it’s human nature to like to know where you stand. And with gangnam, all you have to do is gallop on the spot and it’s instantly recognisable, easy to imitate and immediately understandable. We like familiarity, and gangnam is so familiar it’s like a new global language.

Canter across into the world of hospitality and consistency is important again.

A good restaurant is about more than great food; it has to have great service too. It’s more than serving the meal requested; it’s about being knowledgeable about what’s on offer. It needs to go beyond providing a clean eating environment; it’s about a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. And on top of providing choice and variety; it’s about tailoring that selection to the tastes and desires of the customer base.

Customers expect a good, consistent experience and the warmth of knowing what to expect. And we believe they should never be disappointed.

So, crazy as it seems, a Korean pop star chanting “sexy lady” as he pretends to ride a horse has valuable insights to share with you. Well it must be true; 530 million views on YouTube can’t be wrong (Rogers, 2012).

Rogers, S, (2012), Gangnam Style: how Seoul's most exclusive neighbourhood went global,, 25 October 2012 [online],, (Accessed 13 November 2012).

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