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The taste of value

Eurest | Great price |  28 February 2014

food in bowls

Value for money; we all want it, but what does it really mean when it comes to the food choices we make? Quality, amount, convenience, how much we desire a particular taste   and a whole host of other factors all come into play — but are there themes emerging in food value for 2014?

We believe 2014 will be the year that ‘wellness’ becomes a major part in the value equation, the year that “food with meaning” takes centre stage (Palmer, 2013). ‘Wellness’ means looking for a health benefit in every food choice, even if it’s just a small part of the decision. 

It’s all about eating a little better and a greater consciousness of what we put in our bodies. It could be looking to reduce the less-healthy elements we include in our diets, maybe decreasing salt content and unnecessary additives, as well as making sure anything we add into our food has health benefits. It may be about eating better some of the time, even setting aside certain days in the week when we eat in a certain way; this may be choosing meat free options, boosting our fruit and veg intake, or even going caffeine free. 

Here at Eurest, we keep our eye on future food trends — whether that’s an unusual flavour combination, alternative cooking techniques, or, in this case, small switches that can be made to make our food better for you. In fact the ‘healthy swapping’ trend is one that’s been at the heart of our food philosophy for a while now. We’ve already changed butter in many of our recipes for heart-healthier Flora Buttery and our salt usage had a shake up (or shake down) some time ago. And we already provide low-calorie menu options alongside dishes with a reduced salt content. Plus our dishes come with a full set of nutritional information to help you make the choices that are right for you. 

 In 2014 we’ll be introducing even more fantastic vegetarian choices with wellness in mind as well as recommending food swaps you can make in your favourite recipes, so you get a great taste with great health benefits too. That’s 2014 value with Eurest.

Palmer, M (2013) Lost in Catering [online] (Accessed 18 December 2013). 

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