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The toastie trend

Eurest | Great food |  17 August 2017

Toastie trend

Do you remember platform shoes? First introduced in the 1940s, platforms are more commonly known to be a thing of the seventies when glam rock stars influenced the fashion scene; with both men and women wearing those statement shoes. I certainly have memories of clumping around in my cousin’s platforms feeling like a million pounds — but that was then. Now it’s a style that’s creeping back into today’s trends, would you be seen wearing them?

Food is the same, what were once our favourite meals disappear off the radar and then reappear in our menus and shopping lists once again. Remember how avant-garde boil-in-the-bag curry and Smash was in the 1970s? Well that was also the era of the toastie. 

How long has it been since you had a toastie? Was it back in the seventies? Or do you still use a toastie maker for your lunchtime munching? 

Right now there’s a range of restaurants that are bringing back the seventies classic, some offering a menu dedicated to the toastie. There have also been sightings of America’s favourite toastie — the grilled cheese sandwich — cropping up in restaurants, wine bars and food trucks up and down the country. 

At Eurest, we serve a mixture of new food and old classics. So if you fancy an innovative food fusion twist or a more traditional take on an old favourite, we have something for you. Our menus are stocked with delicious food that’s on-trend, and we’re open to experimentation — in fact we love new opportunities to explore the vast world of choice and flavour that’s out there. Plus we’re always up for suggestions. So, what d’you fancy?

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