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Three reasons it’s ok to eat (the right) fatty foods

Eurest | Health and wellbeing |  21 September 2016


When you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet, it’s often tricky to know whether you’re eating the right foods or not. And that’s partly because there are so many myths out there pulling you in all different directions — making your meal choices far more complicated than they should be.

So we thought we’d bust some of those myths — like the ones surrounding fatty foods…

Fat is an essential part of your diet

Fatty foods are just bad for you, right? They clog up your arteries and increase the risk of serious illness, so surely we should just avoid them? Well, it’s not quite as straight forward as that. Fat is an essential part of your diet. And, it’s the only thing that allows your body to properly absorb certain vitamins.

Despite this, fatty foods in general have come under fire for being too unhealthy. This is why so many people go for low-fat options when hitting the shops. But there are a few reasons why cutting fat from your diet might not be the way forward:

1. Eating fat doesn’t automatically make you gain weight.

2. Avoiding fat altogether makes you eat more because you’re hungry.

3. Low-fat foods often have high sugar contents to keep the taste the same.

So while cutting down on the fat you eat is a positive goal, you won’t help your health if you try to remove it from your diet completely or compensate for it with other unhealthy elements.

We help you make an informed choice

Your food plays a huge part in your health and wellbeing, and that’s why you have to keep an eye on what you eat — even when you’re in the middle of a busy, busy day at work.

At Eurest, we make your meal choices easy for you, giving you information on all the ingredients that go into each dish. This means you can make sure you look after yourself and get the right balance in your diet with tasty nutritious meals whenever it suits you.


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