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Three simple ways to boost your team’s health and wellbeing

Eurest | Health and wellbeing |  16 May 2017

A smart looking workplace restaurant.

Some companies take their teams on free holidays to boost office productivity. But you don't need to book out a plane to get your team working effectively.

Employee benefits boost productivity

Employee benefits might seem like a one-way street, but there’s a good reason for your business to offer them. Working for a company that can show it values its employees improves people’s health and wellbeing.

So, what can you do to make your teams healthier and happier? Well, some companies offer their people free holidays. Others offer their teams grants to go off travelling to wherever they want.

However, these extravagant options do tend to cost quite a bit. And there aren’t many companies with the budget to send their people around the world.

So what do you do if you’re not in the position to splash the cash, but want to reward your people?

Three simple (and low-cost) solutions

Here are three low-cost ways you can create a positive atmosphere in your workplace, and boost your people’s wellbeing.

1.Introduce flexible working

To reduce the stress of being at work, you need to help people fit their jobs around their lives. You can do this by allowing them to work flexible hours, or even from home. And three-quarters of employers say this has a marked effect on improving people’s productivity.

2.Let people listen to music

This probably doesn’t even seem like a benefit, but so many workplaces don’t allow it. And eight out of ten people perform better when allowed to listen to music while they work.

3.Provide easy access to food and drink

Your people need to eat, drink and snack to keep them going through the day. And making it easy for them to get hold of the food they need is a great way to promote healthy choices and improve wellbeing.

Food is the way forward

Simple changes can make a big difference to your workplace. In particular, providing food is a powerful way to improve your people’s health and wellbeing.

At Eurest, we make it easy for your people to get hold of the food and drink they want — with a range of meals that give them healthy options (and a few treats too).

And giving your people somewhere to easily get away from their desks, sit down and chat to their colleagues is vital in boosting their wellbeing.

So there it is. You definitely don’t need to pack your employees off to the Maldives to make your team more productive. With a Eurest restaurant, you can keep your people happy and healthy with great food.

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