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Three strange cinema snacks from around the world

Eurest | Local presence |  28 June 2017

Two boxes of popcorn

In the UK, we love to munch on popcorn at the movies. But, as these snacks from around the world show, not everyone has the same taste in food.

We’re off to the movies

The summer blockbuster season is upon us, and with headlines like “Wonder Woman buries The Mummy” on the wires, the debate has begun about what’s hot and what’s not. 

But when it comes to screen snacks, there’s only really one question: sweet or salty? After all, you can’t go to the pictures and not have popcorn… or can you?

Grabbing a snack for the big screen

As much as we love popcorn, we do have a fairly set menu for cinema snacks in Britain. It made us wonder what the rest of the world eats on movie night. So here are some of the fascinating foods people enjoy at the cinema.

• Mexico — Tostilocos

The name of this snack literally translates as ‘crazy tortillas’, and there aren’t really any rules for how to make it. Essentially, grab a bag of chips and add whatever you like — from beans to jalapenos (and anything else).

• Netherlands — Salty liquorice

This snack doesn’t sound all that out there, but the Dutch like their liquorice to be super salty. It’s far from your normal liquorice, and we bet they need a large drink after eating it.

• Japan — Dried crabs

This is probably the closest to popcorn on this list. But with tiny crabs instead of popped corn. We doubt we’ll see too many people sitting down to watch the new Jumanji film with these.

Local knowledge brings results

We’re certain to stick with popcorn and a soft drink when we hit the cinema this summer. But the examples above show just how different people’s tastes are.

While you might not have many colleagues clamouring for crab snacks, catering to different tastes in different regions means knowing what choices people want. And that comes from having local knowledge.

We may be a national organisation, with the scale and support of Compass Group, but our expert chefs always take the time to perfect menus that cater to different people’s tastes — especially when it comes to regional specialities.

This means we always have a selection of dishes on offer that your people will look forward to — keeping them working productively throughout the day. Think it sounds as far-fetched as the latest Transformers film? Check out our local presence page to see we based this on a true story.

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