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Throw another shrimp on the barbie

Eurest | Great food |  13 June 2017

BBQ food in the summer

It’s summer, it’s Sunday — it’s BBQ time. You’ve donned your apron. You’ve prepared all the food and now, finally, it’s time to cook.

Savoury smells mingle with smoke to form what is perhaps the most alluring aroma known to man — the scent of flame-grilled food. It’s a powerful thing; wafting into the house it perks the attention of usually despondent teenagers, drawing them from their lairs into the light of day.

You’ve juggled food on and off the grill; cooking everything to perfection. When it’s all on the table you can stand back and admire your masterpiece, your only worry being that you get to eat some of the food that you’ve spent so long preparing.

BBQs are special occasions, so you’ll want to get them just right. When you’re planning your perfect BBQ it can be tough to pull interesting recipes from thin air. So, to give you a hand, we’ve compiled a list of some unique BBQ recipes that are sure to get your taste buds tingling.

• Halloumi kebabs with thyme and lemon baste — if you’re a vegetarian, halloumi is a great alternative to meat. If you’re a meat eater, then it’s a delicious cheese that you should definitely try. If you think cheese isn’t for the barbie, think again.

• Barbecued lamb with tzatziki — cooking something with an international twist is the perfect chance to bring a little bit of your summer holiday home with you. This lamb with tzatziki is a delicious taste of Greece.

• Tomato, cucumber and coriander salad — Adding coriander gives this already flavoursome salad an extra kick. At the end of a hot day it’s perfect for refreshing your palate.

• Grilled pineapple with coconut sorbet — top off the evening with something healthy yet indulgent and sweet. The natural sugar in the pineapple forms a delicious caramel when it’s cooked on the grill, and the coconut gives the sorbet a creamy texture.

BBQs are a fantastic way of turning great food into a memorable occasion. At Eurest we’re passionate about making every meal a special one. Our chefs work hard to make sure that all the food we produce, be it barbecue or breakfast, is cause for celebration.

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