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Waiting is a mug’s game

Eurest | Understanding you |  02 October 2014

waiting is a mug's game - customer interaction

Books have been written about it, records are set for it and a whole etiquette exists around it; we’re talking about queuing — the British way. 

Supposedly we’re better at queuing than any other nation: starting with the need to control large groups coming into the towns from the country during the Industrial Revolution, to the stoic patience of World War Two rationing queues — we’ve had a lot of practice. These days queues have the capacity to be a little more entertaining, even part of a wider enjoyable experience, as anyone who’s been to Disney World can testify.

But, given a choice, who’d opt to wait? 

It’s this thought that’s driven our latest efforts to provide great service in the contract catering environment — the desire to know what our customers think about the service they’ve received in the moment, not hours, days or even weeks later. 

Eurest’s business excellence team took on the challenge of establishing a system that would reveal what customers enjoying our food at work feel about their experience at the time, so that reactions and planning can be based on reality rather than our best guess. 

The result is an electronic customer comment card that visitors to our workplace restaurants can access via a web page or a QR code. They comment and, within three seconds of submission, their opinions are with the customer experience team, providing a true picture of what it’s been like for them. Plus this vital feedback not only goes to the central team, it can also be accessed by our units and our clients via a simple-to-use portal. 

This is just one strand of our insight programme that uses a variety of methodologies to gather different views to create a complete picture of what customers experience when they choose our food at work. Eurest’s customer experience programme is designed to achieve the highest possible promoter scores, making sure that we truly live our ‘the customer is king’ value.  

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