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Watch what you eat

Eurest | Great food |  20 October 2016

Chef Working

In the UK, we now spend more time watching food on TV than we do actually cooking it. But the tale of our appetite apathy doesn’t stop there.

Mad on Masterchef?

Never miss Nigella? Just can’t get enough of Jamie? Think the Great British Bake Off is the best thing since sliced bread?

You’re not alone. On average, Brits spend more time watching cooking programmes than they do in the kitchen. And it’s no surprise, given the range of great shows available. In fact, more than 18 days’ worth of food programming airs each week in the UK.

More than TV dinners

TV is just the tip of the iceberg though. We’re also a nation obsessed with food media. That covers all those delicious recipes on Pinterest, the millions of scrumptious food photos on Instagram and, of course, Facebook and Twitter feeds full of our friends’ latest culinary creations. We Brits average five hours a week consuming food media, but only four hours actually cooking anything.

It seems you can’t look at your cake and make it, too — only half of people have actually tried to make something they’ve seen onscreen. And many say they’d rather watch a meal being made than actually prepare it themselves. That said, a fifth of us do head to the kitchen — but only so we can take a photograph to share our creations on social media…

A passion for food

What this shows is that a passion for food is alive and kicking. While it would be great if more people enjoyed cooking at home, it’s good to know that they’re still interested in food and enjoy seeing culinary creativity and expertise in action.

Perhaps it’s the expertise part people get stuck on. There’s something so satisfying about seeing a recipe cooked well, and often that doesn’t quite translate when muddling through the ‘practice makes perfect’ aspect of learning to cook at home.

Here at Eurest, we’ve spent plenty of time practicing, so we prepare food people can really appreciate. And at some workplaces, there’s even the opportunity to watch our chefs doing what they do best.

We spend a lot more time cooking than we do watching cookery shows, and that’s how we’ve managed to hone our ability to bring great food to the workplace.

Check out our ‘What we do’ page to find out how our passion for delicious food could transform your workplace.



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