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Water way to change lives for the better

Eurest | Great people |  09 March 2017

A sign saying that Eurest have donated the well

We’ve opened another two drinking water wells in India. Discover how our work with Life Water is changing lives and transforming communities.

Fighting droughts with drinking water

We’re on a roll. No sooner had we celebrated the opening of our 17th clean-water well in January, when along came wells number 18 and 19…

We’re immensely pleased to announce that, through sales of Life Water, we’ve helped to bring clean drinking water to another 2,000 people in areas of the world where it’s needed most.

Both new wells have opened in the Indian region of Andhra Pradesh — an area that suffers frequent periods of drought. This is a major step forward in fighting water scarcity, while creating new opportunities for each community to thrive.

Clean water creates opportunity

The new well in the Vijaya Nagar colony brings clean drinking water to a population of 1,050 people. And this means they no longer have to walk for up to three hours to visit the neighbouring colony in search of water.

The previous water tap that brought water to the community was broken — meaning people only had access to water once (sometimes twice) a week. The new well means locals no longer lose hours of work and education to waiting in line for water.

Building new sources of income

Our other well has opened in in the community of Settivaripalli in central Andhra Pradesh. Here, the previous source of water was an overhead tank — that wasn’t able to provide a regular supply.

Now, a new hand well gives the 1,120 members of this community a reliable supply of clean water. This is especially vital, as so many people in the area depend upon agriculture as their main source of income — not easy in an area known for droughts. The well means they can continue to grow in more ways than one.

Fighting for a brighter future

We’ll continue to support Life Water and drop4drop, as they create fresh sources of clean water — as well as opportunities for better lives — for everyone.

We also owe a huge thank you to all of our customers who purchase bottles of Life Water from their workplace restaurants. It really makes a big difference to so many lives — and we look forward to helping even more in the future.

Discover more about drop4drop and its campaign to bring clean drinking water to the whole world — check out its website now.

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