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We don’t LEGO of the details

Eurest | Consistency |  10 January 2017


Walking into LEGOLAND is the culmination of every child’s dream; from miniature cities you can explore in moments to entire LEGO-themed water rides. It’s amazing that one tiny building block could be the theme of an entire adventure park, but it’s easy to see why. It sparks the imagination of all who pick up the plastic pieces, young or old. In fact, much of the appeal is in its simplicity — the idea that anything is possible, and there are no limits.

LEGO really is a timeless toy. And part of this is because, ever since 1958, they’ve been making it the same way — LEGO bricks from back then still interlock with those made today. Of course, different themes and special sets have come along (like the ones based on Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings). Ultimately though, it all comes down to using the same bricks — meticulously designed and unwaveringly uniform.

But how do they make sure every piece can connect? Well, by sticking to very, very specific dimensions. The height of a classic LEGO brick is always 9.6 millimetres. And the diameter of the iconic studs on top of each brick measures a precise 4.8 millimetres — with the distance between them clocking in at 8 millimetres. You’ve probably never thought about LEGO in such detail before, but this consistency makes all the difference. Even though LEGO pieces come in all shapes, sizes, colours and themes, these dimensions ensure you can mix any piece with another, which is clearly important when you’re dreaming up some never-before-seen structure.

By creating something so consistent, LEGO offers almost infinite opportunities. For example, you can combine six eight-stud bricks in 915,103,765 ways. And this consistency runs throughout the LEGO company. Even though LEGO DUPLO bricks are eight times the size of original LEGO bricks, you can still connect the two together. This means that, whatever you build — be it a pirate spaceship, laser-sharks or a castle ruled by dinosaurs, you always know what to expect and how to create it.

We take inspiration from LEGO’s steadfast consistency in everything it does, and we reflect that in our service. You always know what to expect from us, wherever you are in the country, regardless of what meal you’re ordering. We make sure everything we do embodies ‘The Eurest Way’, using the building blocks of our vision to create a fantastic experience every time.


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