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We won’t be eclipsed on service.

Eurest | Consistency |  28 April 2016


When it comes to consistency, there’s an astronomical event that could teach us all a lesson — the eclipse.

Looking to the stars.
As a species we've always had one eye on the stars. One event that really captured the attention of our forebears (and still does for us today) is the solar eclipse. In fact, they’ve impressed us so much that we’ve recorded these astronomical phenomena as far back as 3340 BC.

Because people throughout history have taken care to depict eclipses in their art, and because scientists can tell us exactly when eclipses occurred — historians today have a great way to put actual dates to events. Here are some examples of famous eclipses in history:

• The solar eclipse of 29 A.D. is believed to be the same one as referenced in the Bible at the time of Jesus's crucifixion.
• King Henry I died in 1133, just as a solar eclipse took place. Henry’s death led to years of unrest, and, of course, superstitions grew up around eclipses.
• In 1919, light measurements from a solar eclipse confirmed Einstein's theory of general relativity.

Consistency is the key.
Because the orbit of the moon is so consistent, solar eclipses take place like clockwork and we know exactly when the next one will take place — 21 August 2017.

In our foodservice universe we value consistency as a means of guaranteeing right-each-time delivery. We know that consistency in every aspect of your meal experience is crucial to your enjoyment

Following our operational excellence strategy, we strive to eclipse your previous service experience every time — and this keeps our standards sky high.

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