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What’s in a name?

Eurest | Geographical spread |  04 October 2016


With a small flourish, the waiter placed the piping hot dish down in front of us. As little puffs of steam eddied in the warm breeze, we gazed at the perfection in front of us. “Voilà les pomme de terre Lyonnaise,” he beamed. Scents of crisp potato and sautéed onion filled the air, along with a light undercurrent of fresh parsley. We picked up the serving spoon and dug in.

All around the world there are dishes that have made such an impact — and are considered so delicious — that they’ve taken on the role of representing their place of origin. Like Lyonnaise potatoes, every mouthful harks back to a specific time and place in history. So which other places have namesake dishes? We’ve taken a short, globetrotting trip to bring together a few choice treats:

Buffalo, New York
Spicy buffalo wings, a favourite of bar crawlers the world over, owe a debt to the city’s Anchor Bar Restaurant, where the chicken finger food was born in 1964.

Bologna, Italy
The real deal is pasta Bolognese — named after the city that saw its creation. To re-establish its authenticity, the city’s chamber of commerce staged a cook-off in 1982 to choose an official version. The number one rule to remember: serve it with flat tagliatelle, not skinny spaghetti.

Edam, the Netherlands
For centuries one of the most popular cheeses in the world, the eponymous Edam takes its name from the town harbour where it was originally sold. In summer months, you can still watch farmers navigate the ancient canals by ferry, taking rounded hunks of the cheese to the market.

Ensenada, Mexico
When the Ensenada market opened in 1958 and began selling fresh, local seafood, the fish tacos became the stuff of legend. Today foodies flock to Ensenada’s many street stands that serve the classic combo of fried fish and shrimp — topped with mayo, salsa and cabbage.

Just as we eat globally every day without giving it a second thought, so we eat the same way on a smaller, more local scale. Behind every Eurest meal is a fantastic network of suppliers providing the delicious ingredients we use to make the meals we serve. Whichever delicacy you choose, you can rely on us to source the very best produce to bring you a great meal every time.

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