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When life gives you lemons… make £13,600 for charity

Eurest | Great people |  05 January 2016


You don’t have to be physically imposing to make a big difference. Take Na’ama Uzan, a five-year-old girl from Canada, who’s raised over 25,000 Canadian dollars (£13,600) for charity by selling homemade lemonade.

The driving force for Na’ama’s hard work is her dedication to finding a cure for Angelman Syndrome; a rare genetic disorder that her seven-year-old brother suffers from. The money goes to the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics, a charity working towards a cure.

Na’ma’s not just kind-hearted, she’s enterprising to boot. She adapts her products to the Canadian seasons, selling hot chocolate, muffins and bread to keep people warm in the harsh winter. Although her friends and family help her out staffing the stand, Na’ama is the driving force behind the fundraising. It’s hard work for a five-year-old, but Na’ma carries on, rain or shine. Her reasons are simple, Na’ama says, she loves her brother, “more than a tonne. I can't say how much. It never ends”.

Na’ama’s a great example of what we look for in Eurest people — committed individuals who put people first and inspire others to do likewise. Together, these people make the ideal team, working as one to provide taste-bud-tinglingly good food with service to match.

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