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When too many cooks is actually a good thing

Eurest | Great people |  25 October 2016

Eurest Chefs

Too many cooks may spoil the broth, but when you’re breaking the world record for baking the most pizzas, you need all the skilled chefs you can get.

Making great food takes skill

When it comes to pizza, it’s hard to beat the real deal. You want a proper Italian-style treat, with a thin, crispy base, a rich tomato sauce and plenty of mozzarella. Fresh from the oven, a hot pizza is one of life’s real pleasures.

The recipe might involve simple ingredients, but it takes considerable skill and experience to bring it all together and make the flavours dance on your tongue.

So imagine trying to make more than 5,000 pizzas in only 12 hours. You’re going to need some serious teamwork to pull off a culinary feat of that scale.

Making great food fast takes teamwork

Earlier this year, a group of 43 Italian chefs attempted to break the world record for baking the most pizzas within 12 hours. The result? They smashed it — creating 5,836 pizzas in half a day’s work to beat the old record of 5,070.

And these weren’t any old pizzas. The chefs didn’t restrict themselves to serving a series of margheritas. They put together a range of recipes, including gluten and dairy-free options.

The chefs also made sure none of this mouth-watering food went to waste — giving each pizza away to passers-by, local charities and families in need.

Meet the team that fuels your business

This record-breaking event saw the chefs bake an average of nine pizzas every minute across five ovens. It shows just how much teamwork goes into creating the best meals on a tight deadline.

And, while we might not be trying to break any Guinness World Records, that’s exactly what our teams do for your people.

They bring together their skills and experience to make sure your people have the best food choices — along with the time to enjoy a relaxing dining experience. That way, your people return to work refreshed and ready to be more productive.

Discover more about how our dedicated teams work to provide your people with the best foodservice possible.


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