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Why health and safety isn't Mission: Impossible

Eurest | Being safe |  18 February 2016


The latest Mission: Impossible film has some of the most death-defying stunts we’ve ever seen. And Tom Cruise even did the craziest one himself.

Straight into the action
In the very first scene of Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation we’re treated to one of the most outrageous stunts of modern cinema. Filmed in one long shot we see Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise, hanging from the outside of a military plane as it takes off. There’s no CGI here, just a man clinging on for dear life as he’s buffeted by strong winds and the ground drops away below him.

Tom takes it into his own hands
And to make it even more impressive (or a bit nuts, depending on how you look at it), Tom Cruise performed the stunt himself — multiple times (because one take is never enough). But, as is usually the case in Hollywood, all is not as it seems. Yes, Tom Cruise did dangle from the side of the plane as it took off, but he was backed-up by a whole team of professionals dedicated to keeping him safe. 

Keeping the star safe
In charge of the team was stunt coordinator, Wade Eastwood, whose job it was to make sure the multi-million dollar actor wasn’t literally risking life and limb. To do this, Wade would obsessively check every aspect of the stunt throughout the process. This dedication to health and safety meant going as far as testing the camera frame for metal fatigue before every single take — so nothing would come loose during the take-off.

No stunts here
Like Wade Eastwood, we also take safety seriously. We systematically review health and safety performance at all levels of our business, from the kitchen all the way to the boardroom. And this constant review forms part of the agenda at every one of our management meetings. In fact, the integrity of our food, provenance and safety and welfare of our people and customers comes before anything else.

We don't tend to do too many stunts (or have Tom Cruise on hand, unfortunately), but we do have an expert safety team.

Find out more about how we deliver a safe environment for your people.

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