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Why ‘love at first sight’ really matters to your business

Eurest | Great people |  22 December 2016

Section of rope knotted to look like a heart.

Love at first sight is a statistical rarity, so what can you do to encourage people to fall head over heels for you? Here’s how science has the answer…

Most people need more than just a look

You might be surprised to learn that love at first sight is a real, bona-fide thing. Far from simply being a creation of romantic movies, it’s entirely possible to see someone for the first time and fall head over heels in love with them.

However, the chances of this actually leading to a lasting relationship are pretty slim. According to biological anthropologists, love at first sight happens to 41 per cent of men. This sounds high — until you realise it only happens to 29 per cent of women. 

So the odds of two people meeting for the first time and falling for each other are really quite long.

Three traits that can encourage romance

Attraction isn’t always instant, so what can you do to find the perfect partner? Our advice is to avoid the flowers, chocolates and poetry on gondola rides — here are three of the more surprising reasons someone might fall in love with you:

If you care about the environment

Making eco-friendly purchases and sticking to your green principles apparently shows you have the ability to commit to your partner.

If you’re attentive in conversation

Turns out being a good listener is a sure-fire way to find love after all. And it’s because you respond to the other person’s ‘bids’ for attention, showing a caring nature.

If you have a pet dog

This is less a case of adopting a cute puppy, and more a demonstration that you’re a relaxed, approachable and happy person who’s able to foster strong relationships.

Enjoy a love affair with great food

Essentially, your potential future romantic partner is looking for someone with all the right traits to meet their needs.

And it’s the same when it comes to finding a foodservice partner. You need a team of people with the ability to deliver great food and great service every day to keep your teams well fed and happy.

So we train and develop our people to have the skills to bring you delicious meals and a dining experience that’s easy to fall in love with.

Discover more about how our great people help you build a productive workforce with the food that people love.

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