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Why myth busting makes us feel good

Eurest | Great service |  06 October 2016

Great Service

Myths and legends are stories often told to teach us important lessons. But could they be getting in the way of you delivering a great service?

Separating fact from fiction

We love a good myth. The Ancient Greeks, in particular, had some great ones. The tales of Heracles alone has made it into a bunch of Hollywood feature films. So we’re not the only fans out there.

Like with Icarus flying too close to the sun and losing his wings, most of these legends exist to teach us some kind of lesson or moral. But modern myths are often half-truths that we follow without knowing exactly why. And we reckon there are a few foodservice myths that need busting.

Take price, for instance. You’d assume it’s the most important thing for your customers. But, actually, half of people in the UK would pay more for better service. Myth busted. And yet another good reason great service makes all the difference to your business.

Three myths that make your service worse

The price myth got us thinking. What other stories do we tell ourselves that might not be all they’re cracked up to be? So here’s the truth behind our three favourite myths about customer service to help you run a better business.

1. The customer is always right

Whether the customer is right or wrong, none of that really matters. Great service is less about right and wrong, and more about understanding the perspective of whoever you engage with.

2. Great service just means responding to customer needs

You might respond well to every customer query, but you’re still too late for many. Seven in ten people are unlikely to complain when something goes wrong, so you have to be more proactive — asking for feedback to find out how you’re really doing.

3. The customer always comes first

If not your customers, then who else comes first? The people serving those customers; that’s who. Happy employees deliver a better service, and have the confidence to go above and beyond to look after their customers’ needs.

Making great service a reality

It’s important to challenge what you think you know about great service. How else do you improve? And that’s why we love busting all those myths that businesses often take at face value.

We work around the clock to improve the service we offer and make it a part of everything we do. Our understanding of its importance is the foundation we build on to bring your people a better dining experience every day.

A welcoming environment in your workplace restaurant shouldn’t be a myth. That’s why our teams use their service expertise to make it a reality.

Find out more about why great food without great service is just another meal.


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