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Why playing video games could be a great career move

Eurest | Local presence |  06 January 2017

Close up of a video game controller

It's easy to view video games as just a waste of time. But try telling that to the man who got his dream job by playing countless hours of Football Manager.

When gaming’s a force for good

Many parents understand the problem of keeping children away from video games. They are, after all, a waste of time, right? Well, not always. Not for Matt Neil, whose video-game credentials won him his dream job. 

As a child, Plymouth Argyle fan Matt spent 600 to 700 hours a year playing Football Manager. That’s two hours every day — 7 days a week!

But this wasn’t time wasted; it was more a form of interview preparation. It gave Matt the skills and statistical knowledge he needed to become a football analyst. And this allowed him to do what many children around the country dream of: work for the football team he loved — Plymouth Argyle. 

That’s right, a video game helped Matt turn from a football supporter into a member of the support team for his favourite club.  

Local knowledge for the win

It wasn’t just his experience playing Football Manager that landed Matt the job though. Plymouth Argyle's manager picked him out for his local knowledge, too. 

Matt grew up in the area and spent years watching the team play, seeing their strengths and weaknesses. And his perspective turned out to be valuable knowledge for the team.

Something we can relate to

Matt’s success story is something we can relate to. No, we’re not working as analysts for any football teams, but we certainly know the importance of hard work and local knowledge. 

While we do have a global reach, we also know how important it is to have a local presence at each restaurant. Our teams use their specialised, local knowledge to bring your people the food they love — including regional treats. This attention to detail gives your people better meals, which keep them working productively.

Although foodservice isn't a game, we're serious about supporting your team.

Discover more about how our local presence brings you results.


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