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Why you'll never miss the bus with us

Eurest | Geographical spread |  14 January 2016


We've all stood at a bus stop, wondering when on Earth the next one's going to arrive. But just imagine if you had to wait seven months…

A rare breed of bus.

If you live in a city you might not realise how good you’ve got it when it comes to public transport. Buses arrive every ten minutes or so, and usually run right throughout the night. Out in the sticks, however, it can be a different story altogether.

Bus 113, running from Tavistock to Dawlish, might be the rarest bus service in the UK. The service only runs on the fifth Saturday of a month (and that’s only if there is a fifth Saturday of the month).

Don’t forget to pack a brolly

On top of that it only runs between March and October. So the next time you want to get the 113 from Tavistock to Dawlish, you’re going to have to wait until 13 April 2016. So don’t forget to bring a flask of hot tea to the bus stop.  

On the plus side though, it’s apparently one of the most scenic bus journeys in the UK. The bus drives through the picturesque Dartmoor and along the striking scenery of the Teignmouth coast before reaching its destination just under two hours later. 

We’re not suggesting you head off now, but you still might want to arrive for the bus early as it only seats 16.

Unlike the 113, we won’t keep you waiting for a meal at work. Our geographical spread means we deliver the same great service throughout the UK. And we’ve got plenty of seats, so no need to arrive early.

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