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Why you really have to respect your elders

Eurest | Great people |  11 April 2017


You can do almost anything when you put your mind to it — as one Russian showed when she became the oldest woman to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Breathtaking determination

A determination to succeed can overcome pretty much any barrier and, in many cases, that sense of determination just seems to increase with age.

Take Angela Vorobeva, the hardy Russian octogenarian who tackled Mount Kilimanjaro in 2015. Setting off with no previous track record of endurance feats, she just fancied the idea of being a record-breaker and wanted to demonstrate that age need never be a barrier to achievement. Armed with iron-clad determination (and the backing of a professional climbing team), she stood atop of the world’s highest free-standing mountain aged 86 years and 267 days.

Senior success

Climbing and adventure do seem to bring out the determination in older people.

Last year, at the ripe old age of 101, Doris Long abseiled down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth — just because she was offered the opportunity. Despite the miserably cold weather and driving rain, Doris reached the ground safe and sound. Where younger and more experienced abseilers might have baulked at the conditions, Doris’ only comment was that she, “swung about a bit, but enjoyed it”. Now that’s impressive.

And then there’s 89-year-old (well 89 and 109 days-year-old, to be exact) Dorothy Davenhill Hirsch who became the oldest person to take on the challenge of travelling to the North Pole. Undeterred by -43 degree temperatures, this intrepid adventurer embraced the extreme conditions, determined to reach the northernmost point on the Earth — because she could.

Determined to deliver

We share that all-encompassing sense of determination: it inspires our people in everything they do.

Age is no barrier for us, either. No matter whether we’ve just started working with you and our relationship is still young, or whether we have longevity on our side and a long history of delivering for you — our determination to succeed will not waver.

To the specific challenges you set us within your contract, we add our own — we’re determined to provide you with the best foodservice possible, balancing quality, service and value to create the recipe that’s ideal for you. That’s why we build our teams with people dedicated (and determined) to deliver you the best possible service.

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