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Wimbledon: A fruitful celebration

Eurest | Great food |  13 June 2017

A scone with cream and jam.

Here’s a recipe that perfectly sums up British summer: strawberries, cream, the thwack of a tennis ball hitting a racket, and a raincoat (just in case).

If that recipe had a name, it’d be ‘Wimbledon’.

Who can resist the sweet summer strawberry?

The tennis tournament is the quintessential celebration of Britishness — and the best of British summer food. Just thinking of sitting in the sun, biting down on a blushing strawberry and enjoying the thrills and spills of top-level tennis, makes us wish July were even closer than it is.

And let’s not forget the cream. Strawberries are bursting with flavour, but they’re even better when paired with lashings of silky, delicious cream.

Nobody really knows why strawberries and cream became synonymous with Wimbledon. But we do know that the tournament has been serving the treat from the very beginning — all the way back in 1877. And we also know that, nowadays, people at the event get through a whopping 23 tonnes of strawberries and 7,000 litres of cream, every year!

Serving up a taste of the tournament

Not everyone can get tickets for the tennis, so we’re bringing a taste of Wimbledon to the workplace, with some classic treats of our own. Over the course of the tournament, we have those two classic British summer specials — mouth-watering strawberry and cream pots, and a traditional afternoon tea, with a fresh scone, clotted cream and juicy strawberry jam. These treats can make any working day feel special. So, bring the deliciousness straight to your desk… no need for a raincoat.

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