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Eurest | Great food |  12 February 2015


Valentine’s Day: a shining beacon of romance in the February chill. It’s a day for lovers to shower each other with affection, keeping each other at the centre of their attention, and for secret-admirers to send tantalising clues to the objects of their desire. It’s a special day for many and, while it doesn’t appeal to everyone, its unmistakeable hallmarks are all around us in the run-up to the big day. 

Each year, in the weeks before 14 February, shop windows are full to bursting with red and pink cards, flowers and treats — ready to be swept up and gifted to an unsuspecting (or suspecting) object of desire. But this hasn’t always been the case. Named after a martyred Christian back in the fifth century, Valentine’s is an official feast day for many in the church and it’s only recently that we’ve started lavishing our loved-ones with gifts on this date.

Whether you’re a fan of the modern tradition of Valentine’s Day or not, the day gives us all an opportunity to make the important people in our lives feel special and demonstrate how much we care for them, whether that’s a partner, family or friends.

One always-effective way to do this is to prepare a special meal or visit a favourite restaurant for the occasion. When your Valentine has pored over cookery books to bring you a new and exciting dish or an old favourite, or taken you to an eatery that you love but rarely get the chance to visit, it’s an assurance that you’re valued, as well as a chance to focus on the good things in life without distraction.

That’s what our chefs here at Eurest do every day of the year. They take their passion for what they do, season it with experience and in-depth training, and dress it with a wide variety of tried and tested recipes. Getting things just right on occasions like Valentine’s Day is all about putting in the effort to make other people feel special. Here at Eurest, we strive to ensure that every dining experience is exceptional, whether romance is in the air for our customers or not.

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