Food glorious food; that’s what we are all about. At the very heart of our business is tasty, fresh, nutritious, aromatic food. It can make a great day brilliant and brighten the not-so-great days. Food affects everything we do; it powers our bodies, sharpens our minds, enriches the soul and makes us feel good.

Great food starts with our single-minded determination to provide only the best produce and combine it with over 70 years of culinary expertise to give you something to savour and enjoy.

Within our Compass UK business we serve over three million customers a day in the UK alone and believe it or not– more hot drinks a day than Costa does on the high street, (the mind boggles) – so, as market leaders, we figure we must be doing something right!

Our fantastic cuisine, delivered through great customer service, gives all our clients’ staff a place to relax and socialise, making the working environment a pleasant place to spend time and relieve some of the stresses of the day.

Great Food Determination


There are lots of reasons for working with us, but the three key ones, in our view, are variety, quality and value – all tailored to your specific needs.

Of course we carry out lots of ongoing research to make sure you and your people are happy with the way we’re doing things; and yes, we take our corporate social responsibilities and health and safety seriously; but ultimately you want to know that you will get the sort of choice you need, based on high-quality ingredients at a fair price.

And whatever offering we settle on, it will be based entirely on your individual needs. And the most important thing of all…great food makes for happy people, happy people perform better and better performance breeds business success. Your business success!