Great People

When it comes to talking about great food, our people are the ‘unique ingredient.’ They’re not just the icing on the cake or the egg that binds it together, they are the driving force behind the business that deliver unique, award-winning, industry challenging, taste tingling, sensational solutions to you, day after day after day.

Like any great service organisation, our success hinges on our people – from the chefs who make it all happen at the front line to the executive teams that plan and implement the whole package. We call it ‘The Eurest Way; a short phrase that sums up our entire team’s commitment to quality and service.

Great People Team


You want to work with the best in the business, and Eurest is the best in the business, because we recruit, train and develop the best people in the business. The passion, dedication and commitment of the Eurest workforce is what guarantees you a better customer experience, every day we serve you.

And that dedication is founded on comprehensive career development programmes which make our people passionate about giving you the sort of service that turns every meal into an occasion. Eurest’s combination of client breadth, role diversity and the challenges of delivering every customer experience perfectly, keeps our people motivated; knowing they can progress – potentially to the very top – is what guarantees you consistency and quality every day.