Understanding You

Great relationships are founded on mutual understanding; learning to love one another requires first a clear insight into what makes each of us tick. We kick-start our business process by trying to get inside the skin of your business, to find out about things like your core values, individual wants and needs.

Let’s talk about you. In fact let’s listen and understand, before we talk, make recommendations or suggest ideas.

We regard our relationships as personal and intimate, and most of all built upon understanding. We liken our relationships to working with an architect; laying the foundations to ensure a working relationship that can sustain the perfect landscape and environment for you.

What you tell us you want may not be what you need, but we can’t make any recommendations until we know you first, until we have fully engaged with you and earned your trust.

Understanding You - Always Listening


Having maximum geographical reach also gives you the assurance that we know what is going on locally; what your customers’ regional (or sometimes micro-local) tastes are.

By appointing Eurest, you’ll know you will also be supporting local farmers and growers – and that you’ll be getting fresh food that hasn’t travelled half the country to get to you.

It also means we can get food orders to you quicker and more flexibly, so if you have an unexpected additional requirement outside your normal delivery times, we’ll be able to get a delivery to you in short order.