Our Offer

A full range of catering services

Our wide range of formats and food solutions mean that we can cater to any or all of your needs whether that’s formal dining, grab ‘n’ go sandwiches, barista coffee or handmade pastries. From the field to the fork, and at all stages in between, we have a passion for freshness, taste and quality, while ensuring service and value are always our top priorities.

Whether you’re after a fine dining experience for clients or a casual environment for everyday enjoyment, we can provide the solution you need.

Variety and frequency of changes account for 60% of the relative importance of menu attributes for in work dining. So we’ve introduced a range of food concepts that offer a world of different sensations and flavours. And with seasonal dishes and new ranges being added throughout the year there’s always something new to try.

Our selection of well-known brands includes;
Costa, Starbucks, DeliMarche, SoDeli, Origin Foods, The Baguette Company, Honesty, amigo.


Our objective is to give a professional, consistent and flexible approach to the provision of hospitality, ensuring that the base menus can be delivered on all sites where this level of hospitality is required.

Our menu of options includes;

  • Beverages
  • Breakfast
  • Sandwich selection
  • Finger food
  • Hot fork buffets
  • Bowl food
  • Formal dining.

We use this menu as our base to ensure a high-quality and consistent offer is achieved across all sites. Where hospitality is required for senior staff, we can introduce an enhanced menu that builds on the core menu and allows us to utilise the greater skills base and facilities available.

Where there is a need for something different or outside of the norm, we develop tailor-made menus for each event, and support our on-site staff with an executive chef or fine dining team, training them to achieve whatever new standards are required.


Client fine dining is an exceptionally important aspect of hospitality provision and one in which Eurest excels. All our food is created using the finest ingredients, delivered to us by recognised high-quality suppliers who comply with stringent responsible sourcing and environmental policies.

Service levels are finely tuned to be professional, proactive and knowledgeable without being overbearing. Dining rooms are elegant and perfectly set. We have the experience and ability to deliver to your precise requirements, however intricate or elaborate they may be.