Why Our Clients Think We’re Different


Our relationships with our clients is built on trust and integrity, which means a mutual commitment to keeping costs down and building efficiency into our entire operation — so we’re all on the same team.

We work with you to achieve efficient supply chain and labour management — and our partnership with our sister company, Eurest Services provides a range of support services to bring it all together into one smooth, well-oiled machine.


We manage a supply chain that delivers to over 1,000 units a day — striving for sustainability, ethical and environmental standards, as well as excellent product quality, in everything we do.


Our food development teams and chefs are always looking for tomorrow’s fantastic food, and via our Innovation Forum we explore new concepts and ideas with an aim to bring them speedily to market after rigorous testing at our state-of-the-art Innovation Centre.


We stake our reputation on our outstanding record in compliance, which is built on the understanding that nothing is more important than the health and safety of your people and our people. Through our training, procedures and environmental management systems we operate a culture of safe working.


Our commitment to improving healthy eating in the workplace — via our team of nutritionists and dieticians as well as our culinary teams — has already taken huge strides, but we keep building on these standards every day.


We listen to you every day and constantly ask ourselves: ‘How can we make this better?’ Delivering the foodservice you want at the price you want is our mission, backed up by understanding what you are trying to achieve in your workplace. True and thorough understanding is the key to making good great.

Not just through our efficient supply chain management and procurement, or through our proven systems for labour management or sale maximisation, but through the ability to provide a range of support services, from maintenance and cleaning to security by working with our sister company Eurest Services.